Thursday, April 30, 2009

Helpful when Sleeping!

So as much fun and cute as it is when both babies are awake and active, it is also very helpful when they are crashed out. I actually get some work done and the house taken care of. Apparently she really was crashed out in bed this afternoon because she barely helped Dave pack for his trip. Bag, on the other hand, napped off and on, even hanging out on the deck in the sun. He got quite a few treats in between, too.

The other funny thing about them is their poop. Twice now I haven't been able to distinguish between "his and her poop." I know sometimes they poop one after the other (usually she is supervising him), but I'm not an expert in deciphering the poop when they are all clumped together. His is pretty obvious though - they are big, like him! Apparently Dave has mastered this skill - good for him!

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