Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Bag!

Today is our little boy's fifth birthday! We're pretty sure that he doesn't care, the way he is carrying on with his naps and needy requests for food. Either that, or he thinks every day is his birthday! He devoured the can of Fancy Feast, along with some of his Happy Hips and Good Life treats. This is in between his naps this morning before we left and again when we returned.

We have certainly loved having him with us all these years; we hope he has, too. We definitely are looking forward to many more years with him. He no longer fits in Dave's hand like he did when we first adopted him. Nevertheless, he is the biggest little baby we have and adore him to death! He is the perfect combination of Dave and me and the perfect brother to little Noodle. We are blessed to have the best family - EVER!

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