Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Kewt Two-gether

Well, maintenance decided to come by this morning to do the inspection, and boy, it was a good thing I was still at home. The kids actually did pretty good, considering there were two unfamiliar faces now in their home, walking around and making what they deemed to be noises. As expected, Noodle ran and hid under the main couch, while Bag sort of lurked around. He eventually went and hid under the couch with his sister. They were huddled together, which was just absolutely darling!

Bag emerged after they left but she stayed there for awhile, which was a good thing because they returned for a few more minutes. After they were completely done, Bag - who had been hanging out in the hallway - got some treats. She heard the rattling and came out afterwards, and got a treat herself.

Unfortunately, I had to leave for work but by then, they were both out from under the couch. Bag seemed to recover pretty quick. Noodle hung out under the cat tree. As long as there were no more noises, they would be fine.

I don't think they did much while we were gone. There was her pee but nothing else. He had peed and pooped earlier in the morning. I bet with the stress of today, she probably won't poop till late tonight.

Right now, Bag is napping in the closet and she is hanging out with us listening to some 80s music. But I guess it's just noise to her.

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