Saturday, April 18, 2009

on HER Schedule

Noodle has been doing great with her pee and poop since the UTI scare last month, and didn't have any false alarms until this morning. I must have jinxed her when I told Doc Miller yesterday that she was doing wonderfully. Per usual, she has been going at 6am every morning, but decided to have one of her false alarms then. This girl just continues to surprise us.

Other than that, they both were their usual rambunctious selves. Even though I tried to fake sleep this morning, I still got my hand clawed while she was playing with her milkring. Thank goodness Daddy was there to take over.

She seems to be settling down for the afternoon in her condo, while Bag has come in from the deck to help Daddy set up the air conditioner. Well, more like he's supervising. He does that well.

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