Monday, April 27, 2009

Do Not Disturb the Delicate Princess

I will probably jinx this but I have to mention it. For the past three or so nights, Noodle has slept with us, even though she appears later in the night. I'll open my eyes and there she is, either staring at me or already asleep on her side of the bed. It's really one of the most darlingest sights ever. We try not to disturb the "Delicate Princess" as she's sleeping, too, since we don't get too many of these moments.

Speaking of disturbing the Delicate Princess, tonight at dinner time, she freaked out when I was walking over to her. All of a sudden, she stopped eating then bolted away to the other side of the island, and hid under the table. She even ran from Dave as he reached for her, and made her way to the bedroom. I crawled in a few minutes later and petted her. She purred, and allowed me to carry her back to her food. It was the oddest thing, though. There wasn't anything different about tonight that we could tell. How weird.

She's since been hanging out on the highest perch where Dave left her, but just made her way down to eat and is in the litterbox.

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