Friday, April 24, 2009

Momma's Back!

After a week of being gone for work and MISSING the kids tremendously, I was so excited to see them (and Dave too, of course)! It was the best feeling ever to see those little beady eyes and needy faces again. Last night and all today while I worked from home, they both kept me company, including entertaining me with their chases, wrestling, and romps and helping me unpack. I wonder if they figured something was different?

They had to get used to Daddy feeding and monitoring them for a few days. I think they treated him pretty well, but apparently we still know who the bosses are here in the house. In fact, Noodle left us a present on the steps leading to the windowsill when Dave went to pick me up at the airport. Clearly, she wasn't going to pick it up and clean up after herself.

And she did let Daddy bath her butt the other night since she had some poop residual stuck her cute little bottom, though she had something to say about it.

There was alot of bonding with the babies, including sharing in Daddy's hobby, in celebration of Earth Week.

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