Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Even though we missed yesterday's blog, we can tell you that the kids didn't skip a beat with their antics. Noodle was on top of her game, hunting and chasing her brother like there was no tomorrow. She insisted on climbing up to the very top of her cat tree without using her ramps, which drives Dave crazy, like the worried father that he is.

They have been eating together, and she has done pretty well eating her UR food and the flora powder. Her pees seemed to have return to normal. She has had successful poop trips, too. She just had a false alarm - what?! Hopefully in the next hour, her moment will return and she'll go. Perhaps this was her April Fool's joke for us.

She hasn't been sleeping with us much, only Bag. She certainly takes over the house, and enjoys gazing out the window. Wonder what she's thinking?

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