Sunday, November 30, 2008

Noodle's Special Traits

I forgotten to mention that Noodle grinds her teeth, or something like that. Now and then, she'll chew like she has stored food in her mouth which makes it sound like she's teeth-grinding. It's darling. There seems to be no rhyme or reason (to us) as to when and why she does this, but like her, it's mesmerizing.

She sat out in the living room with us tonite cat bathing but then decided she wanted to hang out in her condo (or at least, half in/out). She got her bottom trimmed a little, as much as she would allow, and some of her claws trimmed. Right now, she and her brother are lying in bed. We don't want to startle them so we'll take our time joining them.

It is, after all, about the cats. We roll how they want us to roll!

It's a no poop day

It's now been 36 hrs since Noodle's soft poop incident. In fact, she hasn't pooped at all since then. We are anxiously watching her. We even set up a baby monitor in the litter closet so we can listen for her actions when we're sleeping ... since she seems to be a nightowl. Hopefully it will work and wake us up at night. Wouldn't that be a surprise to wake up to?

She stayed up pretty late this morning, hanging out with us and her brother. Although they didn't seem to play as much last night as the previous, they had their moments. She especially likes to run up the stairs on my side of the bed, either walk over me or beside me, to the end of the bed by Dave, claw his feet, then hang over the bed. She then jumps down and starts clawing the boxsprings. So now we have a sheet covering them and got her a scratching mat. Hopefully that will do the trick.

She ate a bit of her caviar. Hopefully she isn't holding out on her hunger "for the good, wet stuff."

We had to run some errands so again, we left the two of them home alone, with complete run of the house. They did well - no pee, poop, or cat hair flying around.

We also got her a catnip banana which she played with some. But the aluminum ball foil seemed to get her attention. The four of us spent some time playing in the bathroom - I have never spent so much time in a bathroom before. Once, she climbed up on the toilet lid and paw'd her unsuspecting brother. Too funny!

She's still resting, half in/half out of her condo. Maybe that is her way of slowly migrating and joining us in the living room. All in good time, I'm sure (hope).

Saturday, November 29, 2008

There was play and then there was ...

True to her nature as we knew it for the past week, Noodle spent last evening hanging out with us in the living room, including sitting fur to fur with Bag on the couch. Later she leapt up and must have accidentally poked him with her rear claws, because he hissed at her/me like he had never before. Dave grabbed and cuddled with him but he was still growling while I cuddled with her to let her know she wasn't at fault.

So throughout the evening, we were nervous that they would remember this incident. Somehow though, it seemed to cause us anxiety and them none at all because they started up their usual nightly routine of cat and mouse, the hunter and the hunted.

So all night long, the sounds of chasing and taunting went on and on. Amazingly we got a few hours of sleep, along with some playful clawing to the feet and boxsprings.

At 5 or so this morning, we heard Noodle in the main litterbox so Dave got the lucky chore of checking. A few minutes later, he called for "assistance." Turns out Noodle had soft poop - the first we had experienced since she'd arrived but had been warned about - and it was all over her bottom. While I didn't see it (for better or worse), Dave said it was like "mashed potato texture." I guess it's a good thing that I've never been keen to mashed potato in the first place.

After what seemed like an eternity wiping her little bottom with wet wipes (I'm sure it felt longer for her), we decided to run her bottom under the sink. The stench was still strong and we weren't quite sure if we had gotten it all. Plus, the poor thing was squirming and we didn't want to hurt her bottom with too much wiping.

She didn't care for the bathing but it was quick. We cuddled with her to let her know she didn't do anything wrong. Soon, she was back at it with her brother. The smell was still with us but it was probably deeply entrenched in our nasal passage now. It takes me back to the days of diapering my littlest cousins. That was fun ... except that they eventually grew up and now wipe their own bottoms.

A bit afterwards though, she was back in the litterbox, and so was Dave. Again, although there wasn't much this time, there was nevertheless enough to smear all over the butt. One more wipe and we three headed for the sink again. I'd like to think we are coming down with a system but in the moment, I sure was thinking ... good thing this happened on a weekend.

Same as before, she later picked up with her brother. Around 9 or so (which seemed late for her), she settled down in her condo, where she's been pretty much the entire day. She did have several visitors whom she tolerated in her friendly way but she was eager to head back to her abode.

We made our list of Noodle-friendly supplies to establish some sort of system. And it's obvious that we'll leave her safe room intact with her litterbox, food, water, and condo there for now, until her poop hardens and we can get her back on track. We even picked up a set of baby monitor to listen in on the litterbox (Dave and I were in really unfamiliar territory in the baby aisle - we had no idea which monitor went where.)

So it was only these two soft poop incidents (so far). I hope that she isn't sick. We'll be sure to keep her on her hard food, although it kills me to see her not eating it (but will devour the canned food).

Dave just retrieved her and the 4 of us are sitting here on the couch watching "Battlestar Galactica" (old school) - good times, good times!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our baby!

All we have to say is, she is such a doll! She was meant to be, has completed our family, and is the most adorable girl ever!

Noodle, the Nightowl

So Noodle continues to sleep during the day, and be active at night. Despite repeated and what we hope are soothing attempts to bring her out during the day while we're home, she plays with us for awhile and then scurries back to the bathroom. Last night though, she did sleep with us in the bed for about 3 hours right around our heads. In fact, she cat bathed Dave's head again for awhile.

I remember she left to join her brother around 230 or so, and I came out to sleep on the couch around 530am. There was some chasing, peeing, pooping, and eating. They both joined me on the couch for a bit, too.

Around 9 or so, she decided she needed to sleep in her condo, and away she went. Dave later got 2 more kitty stairs but she was more interested in her sleep. We'll be continuing to make our house Noodle-friendly.

We ran some errands today and left them alone. That was the first time. They appeared to have done well, since both were sleeping when we returned and there weren't signs of a cat fight. In fact, Bag seems more desirous of food than anything throughout today.

She's been sleeping off and on tonight, but is now sitting with Bag and me on the couch. (Bag likes to have a towel to sit on.) She is getting her nightly petting in this photo and Bag woke up long enough to take it. It's almost 9pm, so perhaps she is ready to wake up and start her day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Noodle's First Thanksgiving

Noodle spent most of Thanksgiving napping. She didn't care too much that we tried to move her cat condo into the living room from the bathroom. We would move it a few inches at a time, but she kept going back to the same spot in the bathroom. That will show us for messing with her!

She explored the laundry room a bit but we didn't spend much time in there since we didn't want her getting through the cracks.

At about 8, Dave brought her into the living room and onto the couch. Bag was sleeping on my lap but that didn't matter to her because she climbed over him and sat on my chest. For the next hour, she got alot of petting but she also cat bathed my arms, palms, neck, and face. I think I'm a little red from all that.

Afterwards, she climbed down her kitty stairs (good girl!) off the couch, and scurried back to the bathroom where she proceeded to eat her Wellness food. She hung out by the bathroom door for a bit, and later came back out. She walked past Bag, and they just sniffed. I thought she was going to go back to her safe room but she climbed back up on the stairs and is now back on the couch with us.

So far she's been a nightowl. She's quiet during the day and evening but when night time rolls around, she's playful ... when of course, we're sleeping! But that doesn't matter, we'll work on her schedule!

and the Gate Came Down!

It seemed to us that it's now time to take down her safe room, or most of it. Dave took down the towel and behold - the gate! We had left the gate wide open last night anyway for free movement. It's all packed up and the house is getting back to normal (but not really). She seemed fine without the gate but her condo, litter box, food, and water are still in the bathroom.

This is amazing. We are so glad this day has arrived. Little by little, she seems to be comfortable in the house.

Later this morning we tried to move her and her cat condo out into the living room. She was not having it though. She scurried back to the bathroom. I guess we will try again later, perhaps when she and Bag are active.

It's all on her good time.

Later today, we'll all have our Thanksgiving dinner together.

Their Sleepover

Noodle and Bag ended up sleeping with me on the couch much of last night. It was great - after they were done playing around, Bag chose to go to sleep on my legs and later Noodle - using her kitty stairs (good girl!) - climbed up and settled down near (or sometimes on) my head. She even decided to share pillows with me.

They picked up their playing early in the morning, then she decided it was time to go back to her condo (around 8-ish). Bag is still active and looking for something to do.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Progress!

Noodle and Bag spent last night taking turns chasing and taunting each other and then resting, sometimes together. Once in awhile they both slept with me, and at other times, it was either one. Sometimes they'd run into me since I was sleeping at cat level.

She pooped once in his litterbox, and he peed in hers, so that's good. I think she hissed at him once around midnight, but other than that, they didn't make any other sounds other than Bag whimpering (hopefully out of fun and excitement) and them crashing into things.

By the time Wed morning rolled around, she had retired back to her cat condo. When we let her out Wed night, it took her some time (again) to come out. Bag was sleeping with me on the couch and brought her out to join us. She stayed cuddled up with us for a good hour. I also got my arm bathed by her - thanks Noodle!

At the time of this blog, they are now back to their cat and mouse routine. We did see her paw him again and Bag did too - first time I've seen him do that. Like the previous evenings, she didn't become social or active until the evening ... 918pm to be exact tonite. Oh, to fall asleep to their sounds of play!

We brought out of some her stuff from her safe room hoping to start weaning her from there. Hopefully she'll be OK with it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, cute little Noodle had to spend the full workday in the bathroom today - how lonely! However, she and Bag had several major breakthroughs! They sniffed and shared wet noses several times - very willingly - through the gate. When we opened the gate and left it alone, she eventually came out but it took awhile. She saw him in the kitchen and he proceeded to sniff her repeatedly. She sniffed back but neither hissed nor growled. After a few moments of that, she had had enough and returned to her safe room.

She spent sometime in her condo but Bag also came in to visit. She was OK with that, actually. Luckily, Dave was supervising. She fell asleep until 919pm, at which time she came out to explore the house totally on her own. Fortunately Bag was already sitting with us on the couch, and we petted him so he would stay to allow her her freedom. She explored for about 10 minutes, and is now back in her condo.

Little by little, they both are making progress. It's so wonderful to see. We'll let her take her time but we are sure anxious for her to fully join the family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not so Quiet After All!

Maybe Noodle is turning out to be a night owl. About an hour after our last post, thinking today is a quiet day for her, she started to become active. She played a little with the laser pointer, along with Bag on the other side of the cage. He actually stuck his face in to sniff her (I think) but she was busy with her cat bath - that went on for awhile. Dave has a super long video of it.

Later on, Dave took Bag and they hung out in the bedroom while Noodle and I explored the living room. She went towards under the couch and then the back door. But decided enough was enough, so she scurried back to her safe room. After settling down for a bit and with Bag nearby but out of sight, we opened the gate a bit and she came exploring. Bag took this opportunity to visit her safe room, to get used to her scent hopefully. With Dave and Bag there, Noodle took me on a video camming trip primarily in the bedroom. She picked a spot by the closet to settle down for awhile. Bag also seemed tempted to use her litter box but decided against it. After what seemed like quite awhile (perhaps in cat introduction time), she decided enough and went back to her safe room while Bag had left for the kitchen.

Sometime in the evening, they eventually played paw and sniffed each other's paws. That was amazing. Earlier she had ignored him while she was cat bathing as he was reaching in, but this time, she was all stretched out and somewhat playful.

Afterwards we gave them both treats, although only she ate it. It's not Bag's favorite anyway.

Bag is doing quite well with this transition. He does get needy, especially when we get home from work but that's primarily for food. He hasn't yet hissed at her, nor tried jumping or running towards her. Hopefully they are both getting used to seeing each other and their scents.

We have noticed though, that she is a skittish little thing, and does startle easily. Maybe in time as she gets used to the house and the sounds, she'll be more comfortable and less jumpy.

She is now lying right on the edge of the bathroom door, so that's good that she's not in her cat condo. However, it's also 11pm and it's bedtime for us! Oh well, I've done all nighters before, this one is for a good and cute cause.

Addendum: It's now 1215am and she is wide awake! She has bitten my hands and cat bathed them. Bag has come by to see what the commotion is all about but then left. She also is chewing on my highlighter pen. This girl's on a mission!

Also, she farted earlier - a tiny but potent one. I couldn't tell until I was close to her petting her. And I think she just burped (do cats burp?).

Noodle's Quiet Day

Yesterday must have been a busy day for Noodle because today, she was a bit quieter and less active. I did some reading with her, hoping she'd come out to hang out but instead chose to sleep in her condo. Then tonite, it took some coaxing to get her to eat and drink. Dave spent some time with her, at which time she affectionately gave him a cat bath. She did explore the bedroom (right across the hallway from her safe room) a bit then went back to her safe room. She let me pet her later on - that's always one of the best things about having cats.

Oh, if only we could be cat whisperers and know what they are all thinking!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noodle's Second Day, Nov 23 Pt 2

Dave and I have just spent the last couple of hours playing with Noodle in the bathroom and hallway while Bag slept on one of the couches. Noodle even decided that she was going to leave the gate - on her own - and explore the house! With Dave in tow, she scooted through the bathroom and kitchen, sniffed the cat closet where Bag's litterbox is (and hopefully hers, will be), checked out the hallway by the front door, and the living room. All this while I hung out with Bag to make sure there were no sudden surprises.

They never came close to each other but definitely saw each other. Thank goodness there was no hissing or growling.

She decided she had had enough, and went back to her safe room. Bag hung out on the other side of the gate with Dave. We left treats for the two of them but only Bag ate his. I'm guessing she'll eat hers when she feels comfortable. I think she also went and did her business in her litterbox.

We had not expected this; it is quite a bold step for her!

Noodle's Second Day, Nov 23

Now that Noodle had seen glimpses of the outside world (she knows there's a world beyond the bathroom door), we thought we'd give her some more wandering space. That actually only includes a few more feet outside the bathroom door, but she can see right into the bedroom and portions of the living room, courtesy of a cat gate. Dave also hung up a towel in the event Bag decided to jump up.

Throughout the day, I would try to finish reading while sitting on Noodle's side of the gate. Kind of like being in jail, but fun. She did come out several times, after some coaxing, and she and Bag did a couple of stare-downs. The good thing was there was no hissing or growling. Just alot of hesitation, curiousity, and some fear, I'm sure. They didn't sniff each other, although they got each other's scents from our hands from the constant petting. Dave and I would be on either side of the gate with each cat.

At one point today, we let Noodle roam the rest of the house while Bag was sitting out on the deck. She didn't roam long and basically sniffed under the couches.

That's probably enough excitement for one day for both of them. We really hope they will get used to each other - we're looking forward to the day we can let them both roam together.

Noodle's First Day, Nov 22

Noodle - first arriving as Hilda Three Legs but seemingly like a Noodle in the land of Dave and Kim - arrived around 2pm. We took her straight into her "safe room" (the bathroom), complete with litter, water, food, toys, and her cat condo. She needed a bit of coaxing but came out in a few minutes. She sniffed and looked around, and proceeded to hang out behind the toilet.

Throughout the day, Dave and I took turns sitting with her in the bathroom while the other sat with Bag to reassure him he was still our little guy. She allowed us to pet her freely, and immediately starts to purr, a very strong and healthy-sounding purr, I must say. She appears to grind her teeth, too ... kinda like eating food she had saved in her mouth.

She has the darlingest face ever (of course!), and also hung out in her condo. Throughout the night (and yes, we mean into 1230am!), she would come up to us and give us the pleasure of petting her again and again. Unfortunately, she didn't eat the hard food that came with her (hopefully she will in time) but devoured the little amount of wet food we gave her. She also pooped a couple of times.

It is darling to see her scamper around. The little girl has been through alot - we are bent on giving her a good home.

Her brother Bag was sitting outside the bathroom door when one of us was in there, wondering and all curious-like. At one point, I played paws with him, and Noodle came up to the door. After watching awhile, she hissed once but nothing more than that. I'm not sure Bag heard her.

I didn't sleep very well, wondering if she's OK or just wondering what she's wondering. I know it takes time and patience for the two to accept each other, but oh - I sure hope they do! Dave checked on her just before 6am - she was resting and had some poop donations for him.

Finding Hilda

Dave and I, with agreement from Bag, decided that we needed to add another baby to our family. Although we still miss Tigger and will always love him, we wanted to open our home to another loving and adorable face.

We came across Hilda Three Legs at Petfinder and just had to have her. Read her description at and you'll see why we wanted to bring her home.

On Fri the 21st, we contacted her foster mom and believe it or not, she was here with us (hopefully at her new home, per her decision) the next day! We have spent all weekend at home with her, hoping she'll be happy with us.