Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, cute little Noodle had to spend the full workday in the bathroom today - how lonely! However, she and Bag had several major breakthroughs! They sniffed and shared wet noses several times - very willingly - through the gate. When we opened the gate and left it alone, she eventually came out but it took awhile. She saw him in the kitchen and he proceeded to sniff her repeatedly. She sniffed back but neither hissed nor growled. After a few moments of that, she had had enough and returned to her safe room.

She spent sometime in her condo but Bag also came in to visit. She was OK with that, actually. Luckily, Dave was supervising. She fell asleep until 919pm, at which time she came out to explore the house totally on her own. Fortunately Bag was already sitting with us on the couch, and we petted him so he would stay to allow her her freedom. She explored for about 10 minutes, and is now back in her condo.

Little by little, they both are making progress. It's so wonderful to see. We'll let her take her time but we are sure anxious for her to fully join the family.

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