Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Progress!

Noodle and Bag spent last night taking turns chasing and taunting each other and then resting, sometimes together. Once in awhile they both slept with me, and at other times, it was either one. Sometimes they'd run into me since I was sleeping at cat level.

She pooped once in his litterbox, and he peed in hers, so that's good. I think she hissed at him once around midnight, but other than that, they didn't make any other sounds other than Bag whimpering (hopefully out of fun and excitement) and them crashing into things.

By the time Wed morning rolled around, she had retired back to her cat condo. When we let her out Wed night, it took her some time (again) to come out. Bag was sleeping with me on the couch and brought her out to join us. She stayed cuddled up with us for a good hour. I also got my arm bathed by her - thanks Noodle!

At the time of this blog, they are now back to their cat and mouse routine. We did see her paw him again and Bag did too - first time I've seen him do that. Like the previous evenings, she didn't become social or active until the evening ... 918pm to be exact tonite. Oh, to fall asleep to their sounds of play!

We brought out of some her stuff from her safe room hoping to start weaning her from there. Hopefully she'll be OK with it.

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