Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noodle's Second Day, Nov 23 Pt 2

Dave and I have just spent the last couple of hours playing with Noodle in the bathroom and hallway while Bag slept on one of the couches. Noodle even decided that she was going to leave the gate - on her own - and explore the house! With Dave in tow, she scooted through the bathroom and kitchen, sniffed the cat closet where Bag's litterbox is (and hopefully hers, will be), checked out the hallway by the front door, and the living room. All this while I hung out with Bag to make sure there were no sudden surprises.

They never came close to each other but definitely saw each other. Thank goodness there was no hissing or growling.

She decided she had had enough, and went back to her safe room. Bag hung out on the other side of the gate with Dave. We left treats for the two of them but only Bag ate his. I'm guessing she'll eat hers when she feels comfortable. I think she also went and did her business in her litterbox.

We had not expected this; it is quite a bold step for her!

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