Monday, November 24, 2008

Not so Quiet After All!

Maybe Noodle is turning out to be a night owl. About an hour after our last post, thinking today is a quiet day for her, she started to become active. She played a little with the laser pointer, along with Bag on the other side of the cage. He actually stuck his face in to sniff her (I think) but she was busy with her cat bath - that went on for awhile. Dave has a super long video of it.

Later on, Dave took Bag and they hung out in the bedroom while Noodle and I explored the living room. She went towards under the couch and then the back door. But decided enough was enough, so she scurried back to her safe room. After settling down for a bit and with Bag nearby but out of sight, we opened the gate a bit and she came exploring. Bag took this opportunity to visit her safe room, to get used to her scent hopefully. With Dave and Bag there, Noodle took me on a video camming trip primarily in the bedroom. She picked a spot by the closet to settle down for awhile. Bag also seemed tempted to use her litter box but decided against it. After what seemed like quite awhile (perhaps in cat introduction time), she decided enough and went back to her safe room while Bag had left for the kitchen.

Sometime in the evening, they eventually played paw and sniffed each other's paws. That was amazing. Earlier she had ignored him while she was cat bathing as he was reaching in, but this time, she was all stretched out and somewhat playful.

Afterwards we gave them both treats, although only she ate it. It's not Bag's favorite anyway.

Bag is doing quite well with this transition. He does get needy, especially when we get home from work but that's primarily for food. He hasn't yet hissed at her, nor tried jumping or running towards her. Hopefully they are both getting used to seeing each other and their scents.

We have noticed though, that she is a skittish little thing, and does startle easily. Maybe in time as she gets used to the house and the sounds, she'll be more comfortable and less jumpy.

She is now lying right on the edge of the bathroom door, so that's good that she's not in her cat condo. However, it's also 11pm and it's bedtime for us! Oh well, I've done all nighters before, this one is for a good and cute cause.

Addendum: It's now 1215am and she is wide awake! She has bitten my hands and cat bathed them. Bag has come by to see what the commotion is all about but then left. She also is chewing on my highlighter pen. This girl's on a mission!

Also, she farted earlier - a tiny but potent one. I couldn't tell until I was close to her petting her. And I think she just burped (do cats burp?).

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