Thursday, November 27, 2008

and the Gate Came Down!

It seemed to us that it's now time to take down her safe room, or most of it. Dave took down the towel and behold - the gate! We had left the gate wide open last night anyway for free movement. It's all packed up and the house is getting back to normal (but not really). She seemed fine without the gate but her condo, litter box, food, and water are still in the bathroom.

This is amazing. We are so glad this day has arrived. Little by little, she seems to be comfortable in the house.

Later this morning we tried to move her and her cat condo out into the living room. She was not having it though. She scurried back to the bathroom. I guess we will try again later, perhaps when she and Bag are active.

It's all on her good time.

Later today, we'll all have our Thanksgiving dinner together.

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nancy said...

Okay, I am going to try to remember my password and post a comment - mainly I just want to say THANK YOU KIM AND DAVE!!! At the beginning of this year, Noodle didn't really stand a chance of living - now, on Thanksgiving Day, she is a part of a family. No words can really express the happiness this gives me - thank you again and again. Nancy