Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noodle's First Day, Nov 22

Noodle - first arriving as Hilda Three Legs but seemingly like a Noodle in the land of Dave and Kim - arrived around 2pm. We took her straight into her "safe room" (the bathroom), complete with litter, water, food, toys, and her cat condo. She needed a bit of coaxing but came out in a few minutes. She sniffed and looked around, and proceeded to hang out behind the toilet.

Throughout the day, Dave and I took turns sitting with her in the bathroom while the other sat with Bag to reassure him he was still our little guy. She allowed us to pet her freely, and immediately starts to purr, a very strong and healthy-sounding purr, I must say. She appears to grind her teeth, too ... kinda like eating food she had saved in her mouth.

She has the darlingest face ever (of course!), and also hung out in her condo. Throughout the night (and yes, we mean into 1230am!), she would come up to us and give us the pleasure of petting her again and again. Unfortunately, she didn't eat the hard food that came with her (hopefully she will in time) but devoured the little amount of wet food we gave her. She also pooped a couple of times.

It is darling to see her scamper around. The little girl has been through alot - we are bent on giving her a good home.

Her brother Bag was sitting outside the bathroom door when one of us was in there, wondering and all curious-like. At one point, I played paws with him, and Noodle came up to the door. After watching awhile, she hissed once but nothing more than that. I'm not sure Bag heard her.

I didn't sleep very well, wondering if she's OK or just wondering what she's wondering. I know it takes time and patience for the two to accept each other, but oh - I sure hope they do! Dave checked on her just before 6am - she was resting and had some poop donations for him.

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