Friday, November 28, 2008

Noodle, the Nightowl

So Noodle continues to sleep during the day, and be active at night. Despite repeated and what we hope are soothing attempts to bring her out during the day while we're home, she plays with us for awhile and then scurries back to the bathroom. Last night though, she did sleep with us in the bed for about 3 hours right around our heads. In fact, she cat bathed Dave's head again for awhile.

I remember she left to join her brother around 230 or so, and I came out to sleep on the couch around 530am. There was some chasing, peeing, pooping, and eating. They both joined me on the couch for a bit, too.

Around 9 or so, she decided she needed to sleep in her condo, and away she went. Dave later got 2 more kitty stairs but she was more interested in her sleep. We'll be continuing to make our house Noodle-friendly.

We ran some errands today and left them alone. That was the first time. They appeared to have done well, since both were sleeping when we returned and there weren't signs of a cat fight. In fact, Bag seems more desirous of food than anything throughout today.

She's been sleeping off and on tonight, but is now sitting with Bag and me on the couch. (Bag likes to have a towel to sit on.) She is getting her nightly petting in this photo and Bag woke up long enough to take it. It's almost 9pm, so perhaps she is ready to wake up and start her day.

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nancy said...

I love the photos, and am so glad you put one of Bag in there. They even look like siblings :)
I am really happy to see they are interacting, it will be good to hear when they start grooming each other and give you a break :)