Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noodle's Second Day, Nov 23

Now that Noodle had seen glimpses of the outside world (she knows there's a world beyond the bathroom door), we thought we'd give her some more wandering space. That actually only includes a few more feet outside the bathroom door, but she can see right into the bedroom and portions of the living room, courtesy of a cat gate. Dave also hung up a towel in the event Bag decided to jump up.

Throughout the day, I would try to finish reading while sitting on Noodle's side of the gate. Kind of like being in jail, but fun. She did come out several times, after some coaxing, and she and Bag did a couple of stare-downs. The good thing was there was no hissing or growling. Just alot of hesitation, curiousity, and some fear, I'm sure. They didn't sniff each other, although they got each other's scents from our hands from the constant petting. Dave and I would be on either side of the gate with each cat.

At one point today, we let Noodle roam the rest of the house while Bag was sitting out on the deck. She didn't roam long and basically sniffed under the couches.

That's probably enough excitement for one day for both of them. We really hope they will get used to each other - we're looking forward to the day we can let them both roam together.

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