Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's a no poop day

It's now been 36 hrs since Noodle's soft poop incident. In fact, she hasn't pooped at all since then. We are anxiously watching her. We even set up a baby monitor in the litter closet so we can listen for her actions when we're sleeping ... since she seems to be a nightowl. Hopefully it will work and wake us up at night. Wouldn't that be a surprise to wake up to?

She stayed up pretty late this morning, hanging out with us and her brother. Although they didn't seem to play as much last night as the previous, they had their moments. She especially likes to run up the stairs on my side of the bed, either walk over me or beside me, to the end of the bed by Dave, claw his feet, then hang over the bed. She then jumps down and starts clawing the boxsprings. So now we have a sheet covering them and got her a scratching mat. Hopefully that will do the trick.

She ate a bit of her caviar. Hopefully she isn't holding out on her hunger "for the good, wet stuff."

We had to run some errands so again, we left the two of them home alone, with complete run of the house. They did well - no pee, poop, or cat hair flying around.

We also got her a catnip banana which she played with some. But the aluminum ball foil seemed to get her attention. The four of us spent some time playing in the bathroom - I have never spent so much time in a bathroom before. Once, she climbed up on the toilet lid and paw'd her unsuspecting brother. Too funny!

She's still resting, half in/half out of her condo. Maybe that is her way of slowly migrating and joining us in the living room. All in good time, I'm sure (hope).


Dave said...

Very sad to see Thanksgiving weekend end...was great to get some quality 24/7 Noodle time...At least we both feel 90% confident that these two have no desire to argue with each other...and have kissed noses on numerous occasions. So once we get the poopie situation back to normal then will be business as normal...well normal for us anyway. I think we might be the first couple in Babies are us to buy a baby monitor for our kitty. But she is a sweetheart and get pretty much whatever she wants or needs to make her life more confortable..

nancy said...

Okay Dave, you get my #1 Dad of the Year Award... :)
Like I told Kim, can I bring you guys 10 more cats? :)
- Nancy