Thursday, April 30, 2009

Helpful when Sleeping!

So as much fun and cute as it is when both babies are awake and active, it is also very helpful when they are crashed out. I actually get some work done and the house taken care of. Apparently she really was crashed out in bed this afternoon because she barely helped Dave pack for his trip. Bag, on the other hand, napped off and on, even hanging out on the deck in the sun. He got quite a few treats in between, too.

The other funny thing about them is their poop. Twice now I haven't been able to distinguish between "his and her poop." I know sometimes they poop one after the other (usually she is supervising him), but I'm not an expert in deciphering the poop when they are all clumped together. His is pretty obvious though - they are big, like him! Apparently Dave has mastered this skill - good for him!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss Noodle

Not much I can say about her except that she is Miss Noodle. Last night she slept with us again (again appearing at a random time), though I always lie in fear of her trying to "play" with my hair or face. Once in awhile she's taken a swipe at my face during play - a little too close for comfort.

She now watches her brother eat then decides she should, too. She has attempted to eat his food but doesn't try too hard. She's been active all tonite, when she usually sleeps. Hopefully her level of activity will wear her down to go to bed the same time we do.

She got her butt dampened with a towel tonight when we got home, though she didn't have much residual. She seems to enjoy it ... hahahaha.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do Not Disturb the Delicate Princess

I will probably jinx this but I have to mention it. For the past three or so nights, Noodle has slept with us, even though she appears later in the night. I'll open my eyes and there she is, either staring at me or already asleep on her side of the bed. It's really one of the most darlingest sights ever. We try not to disturb the "Delicate Princess" as she's sleeping, too, since we don't get too many of these moments.

Speaking of disturbing the Delicate Princess, tonight at dinner time, she freaked out when I was walking over to her. All of a sudden, she stopped eating then bolted away to the other side of the island, and hid under the table. She even ran from Dave as he reached for her, and made her way to the bedroom. I crawled in a few minutes later and petted her. She purred, and allowed me to carry her back to her food. It was the oddest thing, though. There wasn't anything different about tonight that we could tell. How weird.

She's since been hanging out on the highest perch where Dave left her, but just made her way down to eat and is in the litterbox.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a Gift from Noodle

So even though it's Bag's birthday today, it was Noodle who left a present for us. As we were cleaning up, I noticed a little ball underneath their scratch mat in the bedroom. When I picked the mat up, guess what I found? A dried little round ball of poop!

Dave got the luxury of picking up after it. We have no idea how long it was there, but it had to have come from her little butt. We are guessing that it was hanging from her butt as she was coming from the litterbox and eventually dropped off there. At least it didn't drop onto our pillows! Of course, we can't be upset with that cutest lil face - who could be?

Happy Birthday, Baby Bag!

Today is our little boy's fifth birthday! We're pretty sure that he doesn't care, the way he is carrying on with his naps and needy requests for food. Either that, or he thinks every day is his birthday! He devoured the can of Fancy Feast, along with some of his Happy Hips and Good Life treats. This is in between his naps this morning before we left and again when we returned.

We have certainly loved having him with us all these years; we hope he has, too. We definitely are looking forward to many more years with him. He no longer fits in Dave's hand like he did when we first adopted him. Nevertheless, he is the biggest little baby we have and adore him to death! He is the perfect combination of Dave and me and the perfect brother to little Noodle. We are blessed to have the best family - EVER!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Momma's Back!

After a week of being gone for work and MISSING the kids tremendously, I was so excited to see them (and Dave too, of course)! It was the best feeling ever to see those little beady eyes and needy faces again. Last night and all today while I worked from home, they both kept me company, including entertaining me with their chases, wrestling, and romps and helping me unpack. I wonder if they figured something was different?

They had to get used to Daddy feeding and monitoring them for a few days. I think they treated him pretty well, but apparently we still know who the bosses are here in the house. In fact, Noodle left us a present on the steps leading to the windowsill when Dave went to pick me up at the airport. Clearly, she wasn't going to pick it up and clean up after herself.

And she did let Daddy bath her butt the other night since she had some poop residual stuck her cute little bottom, though she had something to say about it.

There was alot of bonding with the babies, including sharing in Daddy's hobby, in celebration of Earth Week.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My First Hairball!

Although the weekend has ended and we're back to work, the adventures don't stop with the kids. Noodle continues on her 6am litterbox trips (good for us, actually) but I got the best surprise EVER when I came home today. No poop pellets around the house, or poop trails (thank goodness), but rather someone hairballed right in the middle of the carpet! It was thin in diameter so it had to be hers; Bag's hairballs are way thicker and bigger. Not that I wanted to witness it but I wonder what she looked like as she was expelling it...?

They proved helpful again tonight as I was packing for my trip and as I'm working. Why do I bother trying to lint cat hair off of my clothes when it's my destiny? She was running across my slacks earlier - I hope she didn't decide to take a piece of fabric with her.

Last night she slept with us after 1am, and rather than lie in a practical position, she laid against the grain, and then later, rolled right into my face. What a way to wake up in the middle of the night. But again, it is all about them so we will learn to sleep around them.

Speaking of sleep, I hope they'll both join us again, although they were just wrestling and seem active still. Maybe they will wear each other down?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

on HER Schedule

Noodle has been doing great with her pee and poop since the UTI scare last month, and didn't have any false alarms until this morning. I must have jinxed her when I told Doc Miller yesterday that she was doing wonderfully. Per usual, she has been going at 6am every morning, but decided to have one of her false alarms then. This girl just continues to surprise us.

Other than that, they both were their usual rambunctious selves. Even though I tried to fake sleep this morning, I still got my hand clawed while she was playing with her milkring. Thank goodness Daddy was there to take over.

She seems to be settling down for the afternoon in her condo, while Bag has come in from the deck to help Daddy set up the air conditioner. Well, more like he's supervising. He does that well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too Kewt Two-gether

Well, maintenance decided to come by this morning to do the inspection, and boy, it was a good thing I was still at home. The kids actually did pretty good, considering there were two unfamiliar faces now in their home, walking around and making what they deemed to be noises. As expected, Noodle ran and hid under the main couch, while Bag sort of lurked around. He eventually went and hid under the couch with his sister. They were huddled together, which was just absolutely darling!

Bag emerged after they left but she stayed there for awhile, which was a good thing because they returned for a few more minutes. After they were completely done, Bag - who had been hanging out in the hallway - got some treats. She heard the rattling and came out afterwards, and got a treat herself.

Unfortunately, I had to leave for work but by then, they were both out from under the couch. Bag seemed to recover pretty quick. Noodle hung out under the cat tree. As long as there were no more noises, they would be fine.

I don't think they did much while we were gone. There was her pee but nothing else. He had peed and pooped earlier in the morning. I bet with the stress of today, she probably won't poop till late tonight.

Right now, Bag is napping in the closet and she is hanging out with us listening to some 80s music. But I guess it's just noise to her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Crates, Please!

Long story short, this week our management is conducting water leakage inspections but they couldn't tell us when they would be coming to our unit specifically. So while I've been trying to work from home in the morning as I can, we decided to put the kids in a big, ol crate for when we're at work.

And THIS is what happened ... clearly, the crate is no match! We spent all evening cleaning - thank goodness our place is small!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Noodle, the Supervisor

Just wanted to share her supervising Dave tonight, from her optimal position inside the curly tunnel. We've had that tunnel for months now, and NOW she is using it! She just had to use it on her own time.

Noodle Progress

In all of our excitement about Noodle's daily adventures, I forgot to mention that she has been with us for over 4 months now, this being the fifth month in a week or so. ALOT has happened in these 4 months. Of course we expect to have progress, but it's been good progress, for the most part.

Primarily, her pee and poop - despite some diarrhea, baths, and now daily butt wipes - seem to pretty consistent. She is going every day, and although at times has pee clumps that are slightly smaller than we hope, for the most, her pee clumps are a good size for her 5 pound body. She pees about 2-3 times a day. Her poop has been consistenly hard, or at least hard enough to drop off. I won't say too much more since I don't want to jinx us.

She has gotten alot more used to the noises around the house. She was always cool with house noises like the dishwasher and washer/dryer. But she doesn't seem afraid now of when we come and go. Before, each time we come home, she would run and scurry away, at the sounds of the garage door. Of course, she still does now when you abruptly open the door, but if you come in without rushing, she'll greet you near the door.

And she used to hang out under the couch or behind the toilet but now this is HER home. Oh, she lets her brother live here, too. Speaking of her brother, they get along beautifully! Even though they have their alone-time time, they play together alot. There are rarely any hisses although sometimes if you watch closely, you can see if one of them is getting annoyed.

They now eat together, too. Since she is on the UR canned food diet (in addition to her feline caviar) to prevent crystals, they both eat at the same time. It's cute. I always felt bad having Bag eat in the bathroom while she waited and there was nothing for her.

It is VERY darling, to see her make this progress. We love that the two of them get along so well; we cannot imagine them apart. Bag is very much our little baby boy and she our little baby girl. And they very much rule the house, letting us serve them!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Glad It's the Weekend!

I think the kids have a hard week - what with all of the cuddling, chasing, wrassling, hunting, peeing, pooping, butt wiping, eating, snacking, face licking, cat tree climbing, deck sitting, and window viewing going on. I mean, how did they fit in napping and sleeping?

Noodle has been active, all this morning as we were getting ready for work, and tonite since we've been home. She has been helpful wherever we turn. Bag, on the other hand, just wants his snacks and a place to rest before his sister attacks him.

I'm sure we're in for a fun weekend - we love every minue with them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Dressed Up

It's been a few days since we've blogged - we've been busy with work (what's that?) but the kids still take top priority. They have found things, even the simplest, to keep them occupied ... mainly each other. There's alot of chasing and romping around, and we had our own Cat-wrestlemania, too. Dave added to the fun with this photo here. Noodle has a great sense of humor to go with it.

They have been pooping and peeing regularly, although Noodle's pee clumps have been slightly smaller these past few days. But she is eating alot and drinking every day.

Bag has been spending alot of time out on the deck. Noodle only goes out there at night. I wonder why. She has plenty to keep her busy in the house, tho. No worries, she sits and watches the world safely from the windowsill.

Last night, she slept with us, though Bag sleeps with us virtually every night. It's so loving to wake up and see her right there, all curled up next to us and even better when they are both there. It makes getting out of bed difficult. Of course, I don't really want to get out of bed in the first place!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh My, Bag!

Just wanted to share one of Bag's favorite resting positions ... sigh, gotta love him! And we do! Amazingly, she hasn't pounced on him when he's like this.

We've Been Busy!

Both babies have been busy running the house. We hear chases late at night, someone scrambling up the cat tree (rather than using the ramps like she's supposed to), and just this morning, I was awaken by someone climbing onto my chest and giving me my facial. At least she only weighs 5 pounds!

She has also figured out how to climb up onto the bench, then the bar stool, then the dining table. From there, she just suicide-jumps down. Drives Dave absolutely crazy. Wonder how many times she does without us around?

They have had daily poops and pees, and I must say, some of the poop is high quality poop! She sometimes poops twice a day, and we are pleased to see that her pee clumps seem to be her normal size. She is even eating up the flora powder that we sprinkle onto her UR food - good thing she likes it. Sometimes Bag finishes it for her entirely. She is also drinking water more, or at least we are catching her drink water.

Bag enjoyed some deck time today, seeing as how it was sunny. She doesn't seem to go out when it's bright ... maybe she needs her sunglasses. I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as sunny so he can get more outdoor time (even though he just came in from the night).

They have also been busy helping us recycle plastic bags and bottle caps. I cannot tell you how our living room is strewn with them - I think we need to move to a larger house simply for the kids!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Even though we missed yesterday's blog, we can tell you that the kids didn't skip a beat with their antics. Noodle was on top of her game, hunting and chasing her brother like there was no tomorrow. She insisted on climbing up to the very top of her cat tree without using her ramps, which drives Dave crazy, like the worried father that he is.

They have been eating together, and she has done pretty well eating her UR food and the flora powder. Her pees seemed to have return to normal. She has had successful poop trips, too. She just had a false alarm - what?! Hopefully in the next hour, her moment will return and she'll go. Perhaps this was her April Fool's joke for us.

She hasn't been sleeping with us much, only Bag. She certainly takes over the house, and enjoys gazing out the window. Wonder what she's thinking?