Monday, April 20, 2009

My First Hairball!

Although the weekend has ended and we're back to work, the adventures don't stop with the kids. Noodle continues on her 6am litterbox trips (good for us, actually) but I got the best surprise EVER when I came home today. No poop pellets around the house, or poop trails (thank goodness), but rather someone hairballed right in the middle of the carpet! It was thin in diameter so it had to be hers; Bag's hairballs are way thicker and bigger. Not that I wanted to witness it but I wonder what she looked like as she was expelling it...?

They proved helpful again tonight as I was packing for my trip and as I'm working. Why do I bother trying to lint cat hair off of my clothes when it's my destiny? She was running across my slacks earlier - I hope she didn't decide to take a piece of fabric with her.

Last night she slept with us after 1am, and rather than lie in a practical position, she laid against the grain, and then later, rolled right into my face. What a way to wake up in the middle of the night. But again, it is all about them so we will learn to sleep around them.

Speaking of sleep, I hope they'll both join us again, although they were just wrestling and seem active still. Maybe they will wear each other down?

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