Saturday, April 4, 2009

We've Been Busy!

Both babies have been busy running the house. We hear chases late at night, someone scrambling up the cat tree (rather than using the ramps like she's supposed to), and just this morning, I was awaken by someone climbing onto my chest and giving me my facial. At least she only weighs 5 pounds!

She has also figured out how to climb up onto the bench, then the bar stool, then the dining table. From there, she just suicide-jumps down. Drives Dave absolutely crazy. Wonder how many times she does without us around?

They have had daily poops and pees, and I must say, some of the poop is high quality poop! She sometimes poops twice a day, and we are pleased to see that her pee clumps seem to be her normal size. She is even eating up the flora powder that we sprinkle onto her UR food - good thing she likes it. Sometimes Bag finishes it for her entirely. She is also drinking water more, or at least we are catching her drink water.

Bag enjoyed some deck time today, seeing as how it was sunny. She doesn't seem to go out when it's bright ... maybe she needs her sunglasses. I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as sunny so he can get more outdoor time (even though he just came in from the night).

They have also been busy helping us recycle plastic bags and bottle caps. I cannot tell you how our living room is strewn with them - I think we need to move to a larger house simply for the kids!

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