Thursday, November 27, 2008

Noodle's First Thanksgiving

Noodle spent most of Thanksgiving napping. She didn't care too much that we tried to move her cat condo into the living room from the bathroom. We would move it a few inches at a time, but she kept going back to the same spot in the bathroom. That will show us for messing with her!

She explored the laundry room a bit but we didn't spend much time in there since we didn't want her getting through the cracks.

At about 8, Dave brought her into the living room and onto the couch. Bag was sleeping on my lap but that didn't matter to her because she climbed over him and sat on my chest. For the next hour, she got alot of petting but she also cat bathed my arms, palms, neck, and face. I think I'm a little red from all that.

Afterwards, she climbed down her kitty stairs (good girl!) off the couch, and scurried back to the bathroom where she proceeded to eat her Wellness food. She hung out by the bathroom door for a bit, and later came back out. She walked past Bag, and they just sniffed. I thought she was going to go back to her safe room but she climbed back up on the stairs and is now back on the couch with us.

So far she's been a nightowl. She's quiet during the day and evening but when night time rolls around, she's playful ... when of course, we're sleeping! But that doesn't matter, we'll work on her schedule!

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Cat Tales said...

Love following the posts on Noodles and Bag. The photos are great and you are the PERFECT home for dear Noodles.