Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chin Acne??

So while our little Noodle is inconsistent with her social calendar, our other little baby is dealing with chin acne. It is a little worse than Noodle's, which actually cleared up. Bag actually has developed blackheads. He saw Doc Miller last weekend and got some cream, which he just loves to have applied to him daily.

We are now cleaning his chin along with the cream; hopefully that will help him. He has actually bled a little on our couch, too. *Sigh* Our little boy!

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nancy said...

Hi Kim, Dave, Noodle and Bag - I haven't checked in for some time, so I had a lot of reading to catch up on! You humans continue to be the best there is for a cushy cat life, and you cat are certainly milking it for all it's worth! These have to be the 2 luckiest cats on the face of this planet :)

I have to say, the picture of Noodle in the recycle bin is the best... but they are all good.

Have a great day, all - Nancy