Friday, May 8, 2009

Glad the week is over!

It has been a long and eventful week, at work and with the kids!

Bag went to the vet to get his chin acne taken care of, and got his annual physical as well. Turns out he is getting to be a little on the heavy side, which means he is getting some changes in his food and food routine. Slightly but surely. I am sure he is not too keen on that.

Not to be outdone, Noodle has her own stories to tell. She has been having some hanging poop from her butt on several litterbox trips. And if they weren't hanging poop, it was slightly soft poop to where it took several baby wipes to the butt. The other night, she even got a bath that she didn't care for, but amazingly, didn't seem to hate us for it. And she still pees and/or poops at the 6am hour, give or take 30 minutes. While it works great during the week, it is an early call on the weekends. She continues to sleep with us in bed at night, though she still appears mysteriously. I wake up, and there she is.

The two of them take turns instigating cat fights, whether it's up high or on the ground. They'll do what they have to do!

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