Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Tashi!

Dave had gone out to NJ last weekend to see some friends, and coincidentally, Tabby's Place, where out little wondrous Tashi lives, wasn't too far away. So he was charged with visiting, playing, videocamera-ing, and photographing with his little boy.

From the looks of things, Tashi is THE man. We hope he gets better with time; wouldn't it be great to have him join our special family sometime? How fun would that be??!!


A Few Good Cats said...

I just began volunteering at Tabby's Place, and after getting to know Tashi, I know what you mean about him. He's growing up with lots of love and care, and he's a lot of fun too.

Kim said...

Oh really? That is SO lucky that you get to see Tashi frequently. I need to plan a trip out there sometime.