Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy's Back!

We are all excited to have Daddy back home, safe and sound. Momma is especially happy that she is relieved from 24/7 litter duties. But Daddy has gotten out of Noodle poop duties thus far, since she hasn't yet. Only Bag pooped this morning. Noodle spent some time in the litterbox this morning but emerged with no results - I really hope she is OK, or perhaps she "missed her moment". She later peed, but still no poop.

I ended having to leave for work, since I couldn't just sit around waiting for poop. But I got to witness more Noodle and Noodle-Bag antics. They're newest thing is playing with the shower curtain. Bag used to do that before, but he has gotten more aggressive, even tapping my head this morning as I bent down for the towel. Noodle walks around on the edge, with Momma watching anxiously, and sometimes hangs out in the bathtub.

I am anxious to head home soon ... visions of hanging poop on her butt and poop trails around the house. Sigh.

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