Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One More Day, Daddy!

We cannot wait till Daddy comes home tomorrow! To share in the love and joys of parenthood... oh and yes, in the litter duties. In the meantime, the babies have been very awesome, as always.

Last night I got to sleep a bit more than the previous. In fact, Bag was ready for bed almost immediately. I went and got Noodle around midnight, and amazingly, she stayed. As far as I could tell, she slept with us all night and even moved up to her usual pillow area. Bag somehow took up my entire side - I am certainly learning how to sleep in awkward positions.

They didn't poop at all yesterday or at night, and only peed this morning before I had to leave. They did their usual wrestling and chasing around as I got ready.

When I got in, Noodle surprisingly greeted me in the hallway and we were joined by Bag a little later. We all cuddled for some time, then I got to check the litterbox where I found Noodle poop and a clean butt. Bag then went to poop, but restocked himself by eating dinner.

They spent the evening playing and enjoyed a high quality nap in the closet. They've emerged and wrestled again, but Bag appears headed for another nap ... what, so soon? Noodle came off the window and is just sitting near her tree. Perhaps it's time she join me on the couch ... ?

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