Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy 3 Months!

To this date, it's been three months that our little darling baby girl joined our family! It's been an exciting, adventure-filled time. We've gone through variou poop stages (none, soft, hard, and pull and throw), wrestling matches, pukage, facials, house explorations, and toys galore!

They spent this weekend being pretty active. There was alot of wrestling and chasing, in between some high quality cat naps. They got their food restocked yesterday, so they should be good for about 6 months, at least ... at the rate they both eat. One thing they didn't care for was the vacuuming. I spent time in the closet with Noodle while Dave vacuumed. But she came out afterwards to join the rest of the family.

They are now waking up from their long afternoon naps, just as the weekend is winding down. This morning, they both peed and pooped before 8am. That'd be great if they did that every morning - so we can go to work with one less thing to worry about. I doubt this will happen regularly, but one can hope.

They later helped Dave with his packing. Too bad we didn't take a pic but Bag noticed that his "bed" in the closet (Dave's suitcase) was missing but ended up napping on it and his clothes later.

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Dave said...

what a wonderful 3 months it has been. Noodle is very comfortable in our home which was our desire. What a great addition to our family!