Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What to Do?

It was either last night or the night before, when I opened my eyes and saw Noodle lying upside down in between the cracks of her and my pillow. How darling - I didn't want to disturb her since we've been trying to train her to sleep with us (her brother does).

In the middle of the night, there was a hiss and some grunting sounds, so Dave went out to check and shined the flashlight on them. They froze, having been caught with paws on each other's heads. It was cute.

This morning, they were still at it. In fact, as I worked, they found ways to keep themselves amused. Oh, did I mention that they now like playing with the bathroom trash can? It's a game of "how many times can we knock it over for Momma and Daddy?"

Only Bag pee'd before I left. No Noodle poop, which drives me crazy during the day thinking she's in her litterbox unsupervised. It's now 930 pm and she just walked in there, but no, it was only a pee trip.

Bag got a brand new mouse toy tonight! His current one is hanging on a string in the laundry room, and he tries to walk away with it but to no avail. He's done that several times, and tonight, he made noises. So Dave gave him a new one (there are 2 more new ones ... shhh! Dave had to special order them.). Noodle was great - she watched him play without trying to steal it (because Bag would do that to her). Dave took a cute picture of them both eyeing the new mouse. So far they are pretty good about taking turns playing with it.

After a month or so, Noodle finally played with her cuddle coil, too. She humored me by letting me lift it up with her in it, but she was busy with her mouse.

This is all they need, of course, is to fill the house with more toys. Oh well, that's their way. Gotta love 'em!

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