Thursday, February 12, 2009

Routinely Noodle

Noodle's becoming much more proficient with her unsupervised pooping (even though I want us to be home when she does go). Today Dave got home before I did and checked both of their butts. Clean as a whistle, with no droppings on the mats at all. I was so proud of her for pooping at 440 this morning before we went to work, too.

They were both active this morning, as is their routine thus far. It gets difficult to feed Bag with her watching but she's been great with it. I was sad to leave them, but excited to see them tonite. They've been just hanging around and she is now ready to come down from the condo after her nap. I am trying to send her some come-sit-with-me thoughts.

They must have worked because she is here now, though I cannot breathe for fear any movement will disturb her.

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