Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night Puke!

So although Noodle has been making most of the blog's headlines and news, Bag was not to be outdone last night. While she was napping in her upper condo, Bag was nicely sitting with us on the couch. He hasn't done much of that since we got Noodle.

After staying for at least 30 minutes, he got up and wandered over to the condo area. When I looked up, there was a HUGE, string of nasty looking puke that he felt he had to share with all of us. Then he wandered over to the hallway and same thing, though not very much. Thank goodness Dave was home and is trained in puke clean-up! This was THE longest and BIGGEST string of puke he had ever let up.

And interestingly, he hasn't puked since last fall. He had had a bout of ongoing puke at that time, but seemed to have cleared himself. Since we got Noodle and put him on her diet, he hasn't puked since, so we thought he was taking to it. We think it was more of a hairball than anything else, that had been festering in his stomach. I'm sure he had to have felt good after that.

Noodle slept through the whole episode. And speaking of sleep, she slept with us last night for at least two hours, with me holding her head. She's too darling, how can I not? She rewarded me with her aggressive facials, and constant investigation of the blanket. Both she and Bag took turns peeing and pooping, which meant Dave went to the litterbox four times in a 1 1/2 hr time span when he needed his sleep. That's love.

They've been active this Sat thus far. We are waiting for them to nap so we can run errands.

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