Monday, February 23, 2009

Stuck while Unsupervised!

So it's the kids' first day without their Dad (who'll be back on Thu). That leaves Momma with 24/7 litter duties - the joys of parenthood. They broke me in early late last night and this morning with individual trips, Bag peeing a little after 11pm and then Noodle at 1245am. Except that when she saw me at the door, she left the box immediately. When I checked her and the box, there was nothing, so either I interrupted her, she was just playing, or she missed her moment.

Nevertheless, she peed for me this morning after Dave left and Bag pooped afterwards. I waited for as long as I could, but by 9am, she still hadn't gone and I had to go to work. But what they did do was wrestle and chase each other actively - I had such a hard time leaving them.

When I got home, I got one of my long-awaited surprises. There was a slight poop smudge on the litter mat that had not been there this morning but yet there was only two Noodle pee clumps in the litterbox. Hmmm...not too good of a sign.

Well, I got my answer when I picked her up. There, hanging onto her left bottom area, was a hard poop, about 1" long. The poor thing, I wonder how uncomfortable she must have been. She was a champion for the most part, enduring the wipes and the poop twist. I don't know how many hours it'd be hanging there but with some twisting, it dislodged. I dabbed her butt again a couple of hours later (to let her forget the initial wipe) so she smells a little better. Hopefully whatever residual was there is now gone. She recovered well - immediately chasing Bag or getting chased, or helping me in the kitchen.

I spent some time walking around the house with the flashlight looking for a poop trail. For better or worse, I couldn't find any more. I'm sure, though, that I probably walked over it or sat in it. And the irony is that we cleaned the house yesterday. *Sigh* Oh well, again, the joys of parenthood.

After awhile, they settled down some, she napping her condo and he in the closet. After a couple of hours, they both emerged and have been resumed their cat-wrestlemania. She took breaks in between to eat. Around 1030 tonight, Noodle made her way to the litterbox, but then came back out a few minutes later. She hung out by the litter room then went back to do her doody deed. She had a successful poopy, seemed relax during the butt check and dab, and subsequently harassed her brother. Of course, it's time for Momma to head to bed but THEY are playful!

On a similar note, we officially sponsored Tashi at Tabby's Place, starting today. He is darling, and reminds us alot of Bag and Noodle combined. We are happy he has such love surrounding him. What a great place this is. Check them out at Too bad we aren't closer to NJ to visit!

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