Wednesday, February 18, 2009

at Home w/Mommy

I got to spend today with the babies. They wrestled around this morning in bed on my legs, which makes sleeping hard. Soon after I was done with one in the litterbox and went back to my business, the other was in tow in the litterbox. I'm not sure if Noodle pooped today, since some of her pee clump broke off into pieces. But she pooped a good one last night just before bed - 3" according to Dave (thank goodness he was here). That nearly emptied her!

She spent a good portion of today napping on the couch as I worked. But it took awhile and alot of thoughts and coaxing to get her here. She was under the black couch for awhile while Bag was sunning himself outside. Or, she was roaming the living room and kitchen while Bag napped in the closet. She helped me pack up a few things for donations while Bag ate his breakfast in the bathroom.

They certainly complement each other well.

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