Monday, February 9, 2009

Alot of Activity!

Even though we didn't blog yesterday, Noodle and Bag both kept us busy. There were alot of poop incidents - today Noodle pooped twice within a six hour timeframe, one of which was unsupervised and required several butt wipes. I'm telling you - sharp claws and a sweater don't mix!

And then there was ALOT of wrestling, even a Noodle paw to a Bag eye with a Bag screaming. I could have been the good Momma by intervening but they didn't seem like they hated each other (we've been lucky so far).
After the wrestling, there's the bonding in the cat tree. Although Bag doesn't get up on the top perches (he is actually too big for them), they do, at times, hang out on the tree together. It's a darling sight.

There was the unsuccessful trip to the pet store by my office for the feline caviar but it wasn't in stock. But there WAS the fun trip to Petco where someone (whom we shall name Bag) got a pink t-shirt that was clearly too small for him.

And there was a visit from our girlfriend. Bag walks up to her easily and everytime she visits, with no worries in the world at all. But Noodle stared at her with such focus from her condo, then scurried into the closet. Even when we cuddled with her and brought her back out, she still ran away. Dave sat with her for a bit - she was shaking but calmed down afterwards. We went out afterwards; she napped in her old condo while we were gone.

We're hoping she'll get used to having visitors over ... I mean, what is she going to do when our overnight guests (family) visit and stay for a few days? I have visions that we'll find puddles of pee and poop. (Non-medicated) suggestions are welcomed, especially if someone can speed up time, which I think is the real solution. I think I'm going to ban my family from visiting! :)

And last but not least, there were alot of facials very early in the morning! I can't believe that this little 5 pounder literally holds down my hands and even positions my face so she can bathe me. Why do I give into her? I guess the answer is obvious.

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