Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lotsa Time with the Parents

Hopefully this is a good sign to come but Noodle spent ALL day with us today. She was either in bed with me and her brother, or on the couch with us - usually lying on or against one of us. She has never chosen to spend all of her waking (and non waking) hours with us for the entire day before. It was SO amazing and wonderful. She only spent some time in her condo, but then came down to sit with us.

She and Bag wrestled in bed this morning, too, right on my legs. Thank goodness they don't weigh too much.

I swear, too that she was watching TV with us, with those big, focused eyes. We watched "Kindergarten Cop" and then "Spaceballs." In between, she gave both of us some facials and lickins.

She didn't poop at all today, which is understandable because she last pooped 24 hrs ago a really large one (3", as a matter of fact!). We are expecting her to go sometime tonite when we're in deep sleep, of course.

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