Friday, February 13, 2009

Noodle's First Friday the 13th

There was nothing scary about her first Friday the 13th but there was alot of activity. She was up pooping at 530 this morning, then hung out with her brother or on the window until it was my turn to give them some attention.

She decided that I didn't need to go to work immediately so we played hide and seek while Bag ate in the bathroom. I spent a good, long 10 minutes looking for her in this tiny, little house. I had not open any outside doors, so she HAD to be somewhere. But I checked every closet, in every little nook and cranny that she hangs out in, but she was nowhere to be found.

Finally I rounded the corner and there she was, fresh from coming out of hiding from under the black couch. She had wedged herself in good back there. But ah, after time, she will run out of places to hide, for sure!

She pooped and peed while we were gone, and got her butt wiped. Bag just wanted his food whereas she was just wandering around. We left for dinner but we resumed playing with them when we returned. In fact, she spent about ten minutes licking my face. That was THE longest facial I got from her. My face actually feels softer afterwards! But her tongue is rough!!

She just peed and they are now both hanging out on the living room floor. She is a bit more active than Bag at the moment, but I think they are awake as the night draws on. She just came running into the living room and startled her brother, who is now egging her on.

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