Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Day Minus Daddy

We are still anxiously awaiting Daddy's return from his business trip but in the meantime, the kids are up to their usual antics. There were random, things-falling-down noises last night plus, the multiple litter trips. If I could will them when to pee and poop ... oh, what a world that would be.

I barely got sleep last night - there were alot of random, things-falling-all-over-the-place noises, but at 345, I went to the living room and found Noodle on the black couch so I brought her into bed. She actually stayed with Bag and me until it was time to get up, unfortunately. However, I spent some time being trapped in bed because they were both wrestling on my legs. What kind of an excuse would that have been for not going to work, huh?

I had to leave at 8 this morning and neither had pee nor poop, so I came home to both surprises, from both of them. And both their butts were clean - yeah!

There were cat naps, cat chases, cat lovin', and feed-me cat looks. They are fresh from their nap and were hanging out on the deck earlier. They were giving each other their infamous staring-at-each-other looks but now she is chasing him.

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