Thursday, February 5, 2009

Noodle's New Hobby

So in addition to laser pointers, Noodle likes flashlights. She follows the light and shadows around the floor and walls. She is very kewt! And yet another reason why she clearly resembles her father. Perhaps her Dad will buy her her very own flashlight.

After the flashlight show last night, she pooped just before bedtime. Again, what a good girl! At 420am, she joined us in bed, and proceeded with several facial makeovers on me. She got pretty aggressive for someone her size, holding down both my arms and inching towards me to block me in. Sigh.

While we were getting ready for work, she and Bag romped and wrestled. Holding true to her good girl-ness, she peed and pooped at 630, just in time for us to leave. It's always so hard to leave them when they are active and playful.

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