Monday, February 16, 2009

Independent Noodle

Well, Noodle went her independent way today. I guess too much time with the parents yesterday wasn't very cool. She didn't sleep with us (much) last night but did her usual pee at about 645 this morning. She did hang out with me in bed staring out the window but then later decided to poop at 945. Unfortunately, she had a piece hanging from her butt - ironic that this was on my poop watch.

She spent a good portion of the afternoon either hanging out in the cat condo, on the deck, and even under both couches. Interestingly, it didn't take any sudden noises or movements to get her scurrying under there. She'd been doing so well with not hiding under the couches much. But she was pretty quick to move there from her condo when the UPS guy knocked on the door.

She's still napping and it's now 8pm. She'll be awake and playful later tonite, indeed.

Bag has been napping off and on, in the closet mainly but came out to check out the activities in the living room and to grab some snacks.

Perhaps they needed this holiday today to rest up from being too cute?

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