Thursday, February 26, 2009

Half Day w/Momma

With the snow and bridge traffic, I'm working from home this morning, which means I get to witness the antics. They slept all night with me, though not till about 1am. With all of that stored up energy, they were messing around in the bathroom and living room, and Bag just sniffed out the deck.

Noodle spent some time checking the falling snow from the windowsill, but allowed some time to poop. And it was a good thing I was here, otherwise I would have come home to yet another poop hanging to her butt. The poor thing - she must sense something but just don't have the full muscles to push it all out. She was a champ with the dab and wipe, and resumed cat-chasing duties, which is the primary duty of the younger little sister.

Now if only Bag would poop, then I will have felt accomplished! Talk about my set of goals. But he settled down in the closet and she is in her upper condo. It'll be sad to leave them but with them napping, it seems an opportune time to head out. I'm already excited to come home, and I haven't even left yet!

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