Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mystery of Blood Spots Revealed!

So because Noodle has one rear paw (the right), she tends to drag it when getting around. Sometimes she walks on all three, but rarely. Anyway, last night, we saw a few small dried spots of blood on the couch cover. Since they weren't huge spots, we didn't think too much of it.

Today when I got home and was playing with her (while her brother snuck some food into the bathroom), I noticed the scab that was on her rear paw showed some red but dried blood. And then it made sense - now that she is comfortable coming up to the couch to sit with us, undoubtedly her scab had opened a bit. Poor thing. So we're checking with her doctor for suggestions. Of course, knowing her, she'll lick whatever we apply on there.

Other than that, she had the typical Noodle day. I woke up to her this morning (and tried to fend off the facial). I don't know where they get the energy but they were both active from the get-go. We both had to leave early so it was great that she pooped at 6am, although she pooped again sometime during the day (with Bag). I had fun cleaning the litterbox and wiping her butt.

They have been resting but Bag came out for some treats. Dave eventually got Noodle out from the castle to hang with us. Her sleepy face is darling!!

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