Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Someone's Needy!

... and this time it isn't Noodle. Bag is definitely taking on traits from his previous brothers Tetley and Tigger. While Noodle quietly and patiently watches, Bag is constantly asking for food, whether it's in the morning as we get ready for work or in the evening when we return or making our dinner. He is constantly around our feet while she eyes him. She is great though - she doesn't try and move in on him.

Speaking of great, she pooped this morning at 530, just in time for us to get up and get the day started. Too bad this can't be her normal schedule. I came home to only her pee and no poop.

They have been playing with each other off and on since I got home. One time, I walked around the corner and caught them in the middle of wrestling; they froze and just gave me a whoops-we-got-caught look. It was cute.

They are resting now, although I have to walk past Bag to get my dinner. Undoubtedly he will think it's for him.

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