Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rambuctious Lil Thangs!

I'm not sure I spelled that right, but they sure were rambuctious today. Right from the get go, when she pooped at 515 this morning (so early!). We could hear them running into or over the crinkle tunnel, into walls and furniture, and the window. At least they are together and seemed to be enjoying one another.

As always, we missed them while we were at work (but we have to make the money to buy the cat food and toys to keep them full and entertained while we're at work making the money to buy the cat food and toyes to keep them full and entertained ... ).

When I got in, Bag was right there but Noodle was nowhere to be seen. I thought she was in the closet but I rounded the corner and there she was, sitting in the middle of the living room in a ball. How absolutely darling! I just wanted to eat her!

She had pooped again while we were gone and got her butt wiped several times. She was not happy but seemed to tolerate the wipes when Dave does it. I'm OK that Dave has these cat butt-wiping skills and not me.

They've been playing off and on tonight, including hanging out on the deck twice. Nothing like babysitting your kids on the deck while letting the cold air in. They've since settled down now, but not for the night, I'm sure.

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