Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Noodle's Gimmicks

Noodle continues to razzle and dazzle this family. Since the last blog entry, she has scurried across the carpet from one end of the house to the other, thereby re-opening the scab wound on her rear paw (which was created by her very own scurrying). Both she and her brother have peed and pooped at the same time, at all hours of the day and night, and though her brother seems to care less about the butt wiping, she is daring me to wait it out in the litter room with her. And of course, while playing the waiting game with her, I came nose to nose with some small poop dropping bits on the litter mat.

She certainly has her preferences. At times she takes to the laser pointer and at other times, she'll just ignore it.

She is becoming very proficient on the cat tree, though at times you can still see the struggle in her little, but fiery eyes and strength in her front paws.

Though they as yet have to stick to a routine after we've identified it as a routine, both babies are energetic in the mornings as we get ready for the day but nap in the late afternoon/early evening as we're ready to cuddle with them. Go figure.

Over the past couple of days, she has sat on the couch with us more, on her own choice. But something will catch her eye, and she will become bored with us.

Her latest thing we just saw tonite is as she was climbing up the steps to the couch, she started looking like she was going to puke. It was a funny sight but I'm sure she didn't think so. We moved her to the tiled floors but the moment has passed. So now, we will need to watch out for puke droppings! Guess she had to be like her brother.

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