Monday, March 23, 2009

Gone is the Weekend

Of course, the kids won't know that the work week has started. Their only indication is that their human servants (aka Momma and Daddy) aren't around as much. Although our weekend was full of errands and work projects, it was nevertheless (and always) fun and full of kid-antics. There was a combination of catmania, though they take turns being the winning champ, with hunting and chasing.

Then there are the pees and poops, which were all on the up and up. She hasn't had runny or soft poop since we gave her some of the urinary wet food, although we give her just a smidgen each morning and evening. She still has her dry food, too. And, we are seeing her drink a good amount of water, at least once a day. Her pee clumps are starting to look their normal size (for her body weight). And she isn't visiting the litterbox as frequently. Her urine culture came back negative but doesn't explain her frequency and little pee clumps from earlier. Whatever was happening to her ... well, we hope it's clearing.

She is, however, coming into her own quite a bit. There are more meows, chirps, and cute little but undistinguishable noises, coming from her. When she wants up on the kitchen counter, all she has to do is give us a meow and "that" look, and there she is, up high and exploring.

Last night she slept with us while Bag slept in the bedroom closet but as long as they are in the same room together, that's good. Bag is so great with her, gentle but sure wrestles with her when he means it. She monitors his litter visits and sometimes joins him in there, too. I wonder if sometimes he thinks, OMG ... MY SISTER!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Bag went out on a drive with us on Sat. He meowed quite a bit more than usual, but it had been months since his last drive (before Noodle got here). He had moments where he settled down on my lap. When we got home, and all Sat, he kept wanting back into the garage, now that he knows and remembers what it was like.

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