Thursday, January 8, 2009


There's always some sort of activity with these two. There was peeing (both) and pooping (Bag only) this morning, with alot of chasing and wrestling. Then Dave noticed that someone is picking at the food bowl - removing the caviar bits to get to a few of the evo pieces. So there were caviar bits near the food bowl in the bathroom. Once I had seen Bag do that with the main bowl out front but Noodle eats the food bowl in the bathroom mainly, and especially at night. So I have no idea who this is.


But how can anyone be upset at those darling little faces? Both of them are now on the window sill, Noodle in the living room and Bag in the bedroom. I'm sure this serenity won't last long.

Dave was the first to arrive home today and found no pee or poop, which means Noodle will probably poop when we are ready to go to sleep! They have been wrestling with Bag resting more than Noodle. They both like catching the bottle water caps and milk rings. It's funny when they both go for the same one. There will be plenty more opportunities to play!

And true to her schedule for the past few days, she peed and pooped at 1045pm. We had retired for the night but there she was, in the litterbox. Right now, they are just both hanging out in the living room ... rejuvenating, I'm sure.

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