Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someone is Active!

Noodle is learning to be helpful around the house, just like her brother - when we're making the bed, brushing our teeth, or just general cleaning. How can this little 5 pound of cuteness be all over the place at once?

Like a good girl, she peed and pooped at 11 last night. If only she would do that to end the night, that'd be great. She pee'd this morning and has been off running since. They both have been chasing and hunting each other ALOT this morning, and it's barely 7am. I bet they are wishing that we had a bigger house.

Noodle surprised me this morning by making her way up to the second condo on her own! There was alot of momentum going on in that little 5 pound body. She tried to make it to the top but didn't really get there so I helped a bit. She sure has fire (or is it stubbornness?) in her eyes when she struggles. It was a bummer to leave them both but the sooner I go, the sooner I return. She did manage to get down by herself, with Momma's supervision.

It was about a minute after I got home that someone came around the corner to greet me, and it wasn't Bag (usually is). What an accomplishment, for her to approach someone who just came in. She then went through my bags, probably looking for something for her. Bag, on the other hand, was napping on the couch and only got up when he heard the rustling of the snacks.

Only Bag had pee'd while we were gone, but after I cleaned it, she went ahead and pee'd. Hopefully she will poop tonight.

They are alert, but Noodle is way more active than Bag, who is now full from his early dinner. She is now resting on the window sill.

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