Monday, January 26, 2009

More Poop Today!

Bag was meowing on the other side of the garage door when I got home; we exchanged meows back and forth. Noodle was in the top condo, napping, I presume; she looked a little sleepy when I turned on the lights.

Only Noodle had peed and pooped while we were gone, though Bag made a pee donation while I was cleaning the litterbox (thanks!). She had some residual on her butt which took a few wipings. She tolerated them mostly but started squirming when I used the second sheet. Dave finished cleaning her up and got the eye gunk out, when he got home. He definitely has the touch.

Bag got his dinner and they both got treats. I emptied some groceries and they decided playing with the plastic and paper bags was fun. They spent some time jumping on the other who was in the bag - very darling! They are now both resting in the hallway, to regain strength, I'm sure.

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