Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poop Tricks

We both had to leave early this morning, and they were both active as we got up to start the day. I woke up to her pee but no poop.

When I pulled into the garage, Bag was again meowing on the other side of the garage door. That seems to be his thing now. She was in the top condo and came down as I entered. I am so glad that she isn't afraid anymore, or at least, so far.

It looked like she had pooped and peed sometime during the day. But her butt wiped clean. Bag snuck in there and pee'd, and when I went to clean the litterbox, I found more evidence of Noodle poop and her pee. I wonder when she did that, since I hadn't been home long and I had her in my sight. Perhaps they are playing tricks on me?

At any rate, they both got their butts wiped and only Bag showed evidence of poop. I wonder if it was Bag who had pooped and not her?

Anyway afterwards, they wrestled and I tell you, this house is not large enough for the two of them. Bag almost ran into my legs as she was chasing him.

She now made her way up into the top condo and Bag is simply just waiting for treats.

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