Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's all about the FOOD!

The kids were playing again last night but Bag eventually found his way to bed (he was sleeping on me when I awoke). I went to the living room to look for Noodle and found her resting on the black couch - second day in a row. I am so impressed with her but can't help to think that she goes in these phases where she absolutely hangs out in one area to death, and then finds a new space. Oh well, Noodle does as Noodle wants. In fact, don't all cats?

They played and Bag pooped. I didn't stay home long to wait for Noodle to do her thing - life can pass me by as I sit there and wait! I certainly didn't want to leave them again this morning but if I make it in early, I can get out early. I have no doubt that they will find things to busy themselves with.

Dave stopped by the house around lunchtime and Noodle had pooped and peed. Her butt was clean but she got the wipe anyway. When I got home this afternoon, Bag came out to greet me but I think it was for food. I went to find Noodle in the closet. They played a bit, but Bag was primarily focused on getting some food. He sure gets needy.

We ran out on errands tonite and Noodle settled down into the closet, where we retrieved her. Bag asked for food again (it's almost like he doesn't eat, geez!) but has settled down to nap next to her. I'm sure they'll be back at it soon.

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