Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's All About the Noodle

Last night after a couple of attempts, Noodle stayed in bed and slept the night with us. (She had to get some of her energy out, first.) She gave us facials - I was fortunate to have gotten most of them since I was in between her and Dave. Somehow in the morning when we woke, she had moved the two of us over to one side of the bed and she had taken up HALF the bed. I guess even in our sleep, she has us trained. I got more facials this morning, too.

Bag came and joined us early this morning after his pee trip. She was active after hers (no poop yet). They romped around then he went to poop. I must have startled him because there wasn't anything in the litterbox but then he went back in after I left. Bag has settled down - probably due to his breakfast and some time out on the deck.

Noodle heard a dog barking somewhere out front and hid under the black couch, though she didn't run towards it. She came back out with a little coaxing, spent some time looking out the window, while Bag napped in his day bed.

She went to the litterbox twice late this morning. There was nothing in the first try (I wonder if I startled her) and then she peed and pooped (just one piece, tho) on the second try. I don't know if she's done or if she will attempt another.

Dave came home a bit for lunch - she didn't run away as much. But when the delivery guy knocked on the door, she bolted! Bag, on the other hand, was helpful. What added to this was I was on a conference call, too. But this was their cat tree that got delivered, so it was worth it. I found her hiding under the black couch but she came out just afterwards.

So while I worked, they played, ate, and rested. As I type this, she willingly came up to the couch and joined me. She sat on my lap for at least an hour! That was so amazing - I was SO afraid to move or even breathe. She gave me several facials and the honor of holding her the entire hour, which made typing with one hand a whole lot of fun. I was saddened that I had to get up to leave.

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